Future of Transportation – How Electric Bikes are changing the way of Commuting


More than 500,000 units of Electric Bikes were sold in America in 2021 and 2022. And expected to gain a 13% rise by next year. In the modern world, there are around 300 million users of Electric Bikes who use this for daily commuting. According to those users, life has become less hefty, and they are proud to not be a contributor to air contamination. 

Electric Bikes have made daily commuting easy for many people. By taking the time to learn how to ride one, many can now commute without stressing about getting to their job on time. Ebikes are also great for those with health concerns as they are not as dangerous as motorcycles. 

One of the benefits of using an ebike as a daily commuter is that you can get around with ease. With all of the new bike lanes and bike paths being created, it’s easier than ever to get around town. One recent study found that e bike riders are about 20% more likely to be involved in a traffic collision than traditional cyclists. This makes commuting on an ebike a lot safer and more manageable.

With the increasing popularity of e bikes, commuters have become easier to find. For one, ebikes can provide additional power to help with daily tasks such as getting to work or running errands. Additionally, ebikes are more affordable than traditional bikes, making them more affordable for those who need to commute. 

Read the article below to find out more about the upgraded accessories that are changing the way of a daily commute.


With the continued development of e bikes, batteries are becoming an increasingly important component. Hence it was very important to make improvements in the battery pack. So, ebikes have made smaller battery packs at cheaper prices yet their capacity has increased. They are built into spacious units on an ebike. These high-density lithium-ion batteries are capable of storing more energy in a compact footprint and have ranges that can exceed 100 miles. The energy density in lithium-ion batteries has doubled in recent years to improve rider experience and performance.


The earliest ebike motors relied on brushes which were responsible for providing electrical contact in the fast-spinning commutator. Since these fixed parts were in contact with the moving parts, they evolved to produce more power with smaller designs. The improved technology comes with brushless electric motors. These are more powerful, functioning with rare-earth magnets and create drive systems with little maintenance. 


Most ebikes around the world are assisted with pedals, called “pedelec” bikes. The rider had to pedal the bike to engage the motor and the motor assisted the rider. It helped people travel long distances. In recent technology, torque sensors detect the amount of force applied on a pedal. The magnetoelastic torque is the leading sensor. In this, the bicycle’s crankshaft is magnetized in a particular direction, surrounded by a sensor that measures the torque applied to it through pedaling.  


Ebikes can be conveniently connected to your smartphone. This interface allows immense control of performance and insight into the remaining range compared to speed, percentage of boost, and more, which minimizes range anxiety and increases our enjoyment of eBikes. It develops an electric and monitor system for a brushless DC motor which connects the smartphone and microcontroller via Bluetooth device.


The integrated sensors continuously monitor the angular position of the motor’s rotor. The switching of battery current to the motor’s many stator windings can generate the rotating magnetic field that stays ahead of the whirling permanent magnets of the rotor, thereby pulling them strongly around at the motor’s speed from 0-4500rpm and even higher. Eventually, the motor torque is multiplied and speed is reduced by two or more stages of gear reduction to assist you in driving the front sprocket.

It is considered highly dangerous for an ebike motor to apply full power at the slightest hint of a moving pedal. Pedal assist e bikes need to detect when a pedal moves. Torque sensors detect the force applied, and the bicycle’s crankshaft is magnetized in a specific direction, surrounded by a sensor that measures it.


Countries today needed to be more bike-friendly. Since the adoption of Electric Bikes has increased, more and more people are interested in owning one e-bike at least for their daily commute. In major cities, bike lanes have been introduced and there’s also a push to make e-bikes safer with technology, like torque sensors that can monitor the battery, distance traveled, record time and speed. The improving technology is becoming better to make the future of transportation easy and convenient for daily commuters. And not only it’s improving they are getting less expensive as well. Many manufacturers are selling their ebikes for a lot less then it was earlier. Different companies also give away ebike discount codes to help people save on their new ride. Hence you can choose which kind of e bikes are suitable per your requirement and easy commuting.

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