7 common stereotypes when it comes to SEO

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SEO: Many people think SEO means finding keywords to rank up in searches. Although keywords are a part of SEO, it is not SEO itself.  It also has other aspects to it such as content analysis, and strategy, which play an important role in ranking your page.

Lengthy Content Is the Ultimate Way To Rank: People think that the lengthier your content is the more it will appear on the top of the search list. But the truth is the quality of your content also matters.

Expecting high ranking overnight: Whether you hire a team of SEO professionals or manage an in-house team of SEO experts to rank 1st on Google, it’s going to take time. It cannot be done overnight.

Content Generation: There is a stereotype that by stuffing your content with keywords, you will start to perform better in search engine rankings. Rather than focusing on keywords, you should look at topic modeling and providing the best quality content.

Page optimization: Another stereotype is that once you have a good presence in a search list, your job is done. You should also work on page optimization. It will include optimizing your page and image descriptions, links and other necessities for your page.

Link Building: If you provide external links in your website, your audience gets reduced. This is another stereotype in SEO services. If your content is good and you’re the links are relevant, your audience will not diminish no matter how good the external link is

Keyword checklist: overstuffing your content with relevant keywords will damage your SEO plan. Instead, use a limited number of keywords that are connected directly to your content. This will ensure high-quality content and improve the audience experience.